SportsNet Membership - REASONS TO JOIN

A Proven Resource
SportsNet is an exclusive, private, and secured computer
trading network of professional sports collectible dealers.
Since its inception in 1987, SportsNet has established a
solid reputation as a reliable, easy to use, invaluable
business producing tool. 

“For 10 years, SportsNet has kept me informed of what's 
going on in the marketplace and has given me a quick 
and easy way to trade with professionals I can rely on.”

Darren Lee, Midwest Cards & Collectibles

Because of the quality of the members of SportsNet 
I have the confidence to do large transactions on it
and I have a greatest information source 
in the industry at my finger tips.”

Ron Nutkowitz, American Baseball Cards

“SportsNet allows me to contact and deal with the most
professional and knowledgeable dealers.”

Steve Wrate, All Star Sports Cards

The Buzz of a Major Trade Show Every Day
As a SportsNet dealer you can network daily with more
dealers with less effort than it would take to
telephone just one. You can list items you want to buy,
and enter items you have to sell. You will have a constant
flow of business opportunities. Using the mailbox feature,
you can communicate directly and quickly with your fellow dealers.

“I use the Network everyday like a major trade show.
I buy and sell on it and I talk to dealers across the country.”

Tom Fitzpatrick, Tom’s Coin, Stamp, Gem, Baseball & Comic Shop

Expands Horizons
You can use your ability to network on SportsNet to greatly
increase your personal contacts and to enhance your active
presence in the industry.  Because SportsNet keeps its
dealers in the center of business activity, they stay attuned
to the pulse of the industry.

“Because of my SportsNet membership I am now a primary 
source for several local retail outlets and my contacts within
the industry have expanded ten fold.”

Richard Budnick, America’s Pastime

“We do 90% of our valued card buying on SportsNet.
It is our most reliable source.”

Rex Wang, Golden Sports Marketing & Licensing

More Than the Best - A Necessity
You need to be on the best dealer-to-dealer business
network, SportsNet.  Speak to the dealers with
the 5 and 10 year logos. These dealers will tell you
SportsNet is a necessity. Buying for customers needs. 
Selling stale merchandise. Selling recent purchases from 
over the counter that won't sell in their store. 

“If it wasn’t for SportsNet I wouldn’t have a store - 
it’s that vital to my business.”
Ralph Brunt, Rockdale Sports Cards

Don't let business opportunities pass you by - 

Join SportsNet Now.
Call 1 (800) 821-9275


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