SportsNet was founded in 1985 as the first computer driven Dealer to Dealer Trading Network. Now SportsNet technology is on the Web to benefit the serious sports memorabilia collector.  

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SportsNet been the place for dealer-to-dealer trading since 1985. SportsNet is
 the oldest and largest electronic sports dealer-to-dealer network. Billions of dollars 
worth of baseball cards, autographs, sports memorabilia, and non-sports cards have
 been bought and sold using SportsNet. In addition to these, comics, toys, figures, 
and even Beanie Babies were bought and sold. Each sports dealer has a "virtual" 
card show right on the computer where they can buy sell sports collectibles
 wholesale directly with other dealers.

Since dealers have access to all kinds of collectibles, sports cards, sports
commemorative soveniers, and supplies, they are the perfect source for collectors. 
A sports memorabilia collector can deal with our members directly by clicking
 on The Marketplace from our home page, ( Their vast sports
 resources can be a valuable source for card collecting enthusiasts.

Whether you are a collector of sports memorabilia, comics, Beanie Babies, toys, trains, 
or have other collections, our members are a good source for all your collectable needs. 
Since our dealers are connected through our dealer-to-dealer trading Network, they have 
access to other dealers world-wide assuring you that all your sports collectable needs 
and information can be found easily by doing business with our members.

Information Networks, Inc., the parent company for SportsNet, makes available 
communications software for ease in uploading and downloading data on SportsNet. 
This is dealer software only to be used on our dealer network.

True E-commerce is available with licensed dealer software for Data Hub, 
the complete inventory program for dealers featuring:

Automated auction submissions for eBay and Yahoo 
Automated e-mail functions for eBay and Yahoo 
Complete shipping functions for UPS and USPS 
Automated credit card processing

....Plus a lot more.

The automated features allow for an effortless way of dealing
 with large numbers of collectable auctions.

Combined, our software allows dealers to run their whole operation from
the convenience of their computer. So whether in an office, at a show, 
in the airport, or at home, SportsNet can be accessed.

If you are a dealer, we invite you to go to our web site,
See how being a member can benefit your business. Sign up by filling out the 
on-line application form. Select the service you want and submit the form 
to us. Within a few days, you could be a member of the oldest and largest
dealer-to-dealer trading network: SportsNet.

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